My app BlogToNFT got featured at product hunt top 10

BlogToNFT is for all the writers/bloggers who wish to create their own NFT

My app BlogToNFT got featured at product hunt top 10

NFT is a new craze in town and why not. People have made millions out of this amazing concept, I really like the idea of how you can own a digital piece of information that only belongs to you and no one else. This digital piece can be your artwork, your code, your scribbled thoughts, or maybe your blogs or write-up. NFT has given way to monetize your content in a much better way and own what you have created.

I am an occasional tech blogger and I never thought of making any money from my blogs because most of the places where I post my writeups don’t have such a concept of monetization. That’s when the lightning struck and I stumbled upon an idea of creating an NFT of my blog and I thought how about creating an app where other writers can come and create their own NFT of their blogs like a signature on a Tshirt or on a baseball bat or on a cricket bat just any other collectible but a digital version of it and most amazing part of this is the ability to sell this NFT or put them as an auction to earn some money because you never know one day your blog gets famous and your blog NFT is sold for some millions.

BlogToNFT was launched at product hunt

This is an app that lets Writers create the NFT of their blog, the project was started as fun, and just for the sake of making it online, I published it on Product Hunt. To my surprise, I got an amazing response on the product hunt and my product was listed as the top 10 product of the day with more than 140 Upvotes.

I got super excited and after a few days, I have started seeing other writers mentioning my app in their newsletter that really pumped me app.

Those who are reading this article must go and try my app will be waiting for all valuable feedback.

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