Top 5 resources to start your web3 journey

Top 5 resources to start your web3 journey

My best pick to start learning web 3 from scratch


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Web 3 is the new sensation in town, here is my best pick to learn solidity and start your journey as a web 3 developer.

1. Buildspace

This site is my favorite place to learn solidity, these guys organize weekly cohorts where you can interact with other developers and build some challenging stuff. It's a must-visit if you are planning to start your journey in web3.

2. CryptoZombies

This is the place where I had the initial hands-on with solidity, they gamified the whole idea of learning solidity. If you want to learn solidity while enjoying the process this is the place you should definitely visit.

3. NFTSchool

You can learn all basics related to NFT

4. CryptoHack

One more gamified version of learning things related to Crypto,NFT and Smart Contracts

##5. QuestBook

Self-paced tutorials to learn web3 by building

I hope you like these resources

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